Our Values

Curatif was founded with three core principles; firstly that our products will always be of the highest quality. We ensure that our drinks are made with integrity using only the finest spirits and liqueurs from the world's best brands. Secondly, that our products would be available for everyone to enjoy where and when they choose - the convenience of a world class cocktail anytime and place. Finally we, like you, aspire to be great global citizens, ensuring that our environmental footprint is as small as it can be, which is why sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make.

Occasions, redefined.

Cocktails in a can?

At Curatif we pride ourselves on making the world's best cocktails by sourcing only the finest ingredients from around the globe. When you indulge in a Curatif you will always know that the cocktail you're enjoying is made to the exacting specifications of the world's best bars, wherever you choose to enjoy it. That’s why our starting point for our Negroni was Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin. The only gin in the world made specifically for a Negroni, it has twice been named world’s best contemporary gin at the Global Gin Masters.

To create the world's best Espresso Martini we had to begin with specialty brewed coffee from Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters, expertly blended with Archie Rose Original Vodka. The harmony of these two critically acclaimed Australian icons delivers an unrivalled excellence in the form of a perfectly balanced Espresso Martini.

About Curatif

At Curatif we, like you, aspire towards premium experiential moments, the first sip of a lovingly crafted cocktail is a distinctive, resonating moment – it is the ‘ahh, it was all worth it’ moment. A cocktail placed tenderly in front of a guest in business class creates the frisson towards that moment. Working all week for that moment – it was all worth it. With a Curatif cocktail, anyone can have that moment whenever, wherever they choose.

More Information About Curatif

Curatif is a producer of exceptional ready to serve can cocktails. Developed in collaboration with the best crafted spirits, Curatif cocktails are the drinks of the world's best bars, blended to perfection for you to indulge in when and where you choose. We have spent decades learning and perfecting cocktail craft in order to empower you to acquire the ultimate Archie Rose Espresso Martini, elegantly balanced between nuanced vodka from Australia's preeminent craft distillery and bespoke coffee sourced, roasted, and ground by the industry renowned experts at Seven Seeds Coffee.

Also thanks to our great friends at Four Pillars Distillery in Healesville we are proud to serve the perfect Negroni by combining Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin (recognised twice at the Global Gin Masters) with the irreplaceable Italian bitter aperitif Campari, and the preferred sweet vermouth of Negroni aficionados Martini Rosso. These cocktails are superlative, considered - they are a Curatif.

About Curatif

Created and perfected with the finest ingredients from around the world. Curatif cocktails are the drinks of the world's best bars.

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